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Some stories about over-regulation suffer from too much technical detail and not enough clarity to connect with readers. That’s not the case with the US Department of Agriculture’s attempt to regulate – magicians. Any entertainment act using animals must have an approved disaster plan in place, even if the animals are ferocious, dangerous…bunnies

RAMSEY, N.J. (AP) — A New Jersey couple is facing a fine after neighbors complained that their bird feeder is attracting too many animals. Alfred and Annette Rockefeller are scheduled to appear in court in Ramsey on Tuesday. They could be fined $250 to $500 for violating an ordinance that prohibits feeding wildlife.
ROYAL OAK, MI – Royal Oak is about to unleash new regulations on dog owners. The new rules, which go into effect Thursday, require owners of “dangerous dogs” to carry $1 million in liability insurance, post signs, complete an obedience class with the dog, and keep the dog in a locked, fenced-in area. Owners must…
So some dumbass legislator thinks that in order for me to own a Pit Bull type, a Rottweiler, a Mastiff, a Chow, or a Pero de Presa Canario, I need to pass a background check as if I was buying a handgun. I’m supposed to go to the Sheriff and say “Please Mr. Sheriff, can…
A Vermont woman considers her pigs to be pets, but town officials say they’re farm animals and have no business living in a residential neighborhood.
Whether a yippy Chihuahua biting a mail carrier or a regal Great Dane taking a chunk out of a neighbor, whether on the pet owner’s property or at a park, the penalty would be the same: a $1,000 fine – and inclusion in the online animal hall of shame.
Some residents say pet owners sometimes leave larger dogs tied to parking meters and some say that can scare customers away from businesses. There’s also a problem with owners not cleaning up after their dogs.
An Oregon town has reportedly canceled its annual fireworks show out of concern the Fourth of July pyrotechnics will scare sea birds roosting nearby.