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HAMPDEN TWP. — Students at a Cumberland Valley School District elementary school will not be dressing up for Halloween this year. Sporting Hill Elementary School sent a note home to parents late last week, saying officials made the decision because “safety is a top priority” for students. The school has also canceled the parade portion…

Los Angeles (CNN) — A suburban Los Angeles school district is now looking at the public postings on social media by middle and high school students, searching for possible violence, drug use, bullying, truancy and suicidal threats. The district in Glendale, California, is paying $40,500 to a firm to monitor and report on 14,000 middle…
STUDIO CITY ( — Many schools are sending notes home to parents, telling them their children are overweight. Lauren Schmitt, a registered dietitian, starts the school year by checking out the weight of hundreds of preschoolers in the San Fernando Valley.
A New Jersey school district is proposing random alcohol and drug testing for thousands of high school students who could lose school privileges and be forced to undergo counseling if they test positive.
PANAMA CITY – After a demonstration by School Board member Ginger Littleton, the Bay District School Board voted to no longer make it mandatory for students in grades 6-12 to tuck in their shirts. “Just so you know, a picture’s worth a thousand words,” Littleton said, standing up from her chair at the School Board…
In Georgia, a school principal is not happy to see her mugshot on Instagram. She allegedly tries to get a police officer to arrest the teen responsible. The police officer refuses.
If you can read ths, you are a terrrist: الموت للكفار. The sentence reads “Death to infidels,” but if you can’t read it, not to worry. Soon there will be 200 new translators of Arabic in the country to assist you with the task.
Boys at Mahanoy Area High School now must go to the school office to request toilet paper and sign it out.