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officials at Weber Middle School in Port Washington are worried that students are getting hurt during recess. Thus, they have instituted a ban on footballs, baseballs, lacrosse balls, or anything that might hurt someone on school grounds.

On Monday, Commission Secretary Cynthia Alexander said she had been informed by city staff that the ban was designed to protect the city from liability under a template provided by the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority, which provides liability insurance to dozens of cities in the state.
The scheme would work either using satellites, which would communicate limits to cars automatically, or using cameras to read road signs. Drivers can be given a warning of the speed limit, or their speed could be controlled automatically under the new measures.
All Kent Couch wanted to do was fly around in a lawn chair suspended from party balloons. But the Oregon man made famous by his numerous aerial ventures now says that the high price of helium and licensing requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration may permanently ground him – at least in the U.S.
The federal government thinks long-haul truckers like Bryan Spoon need more rest…But with the Department of Transportation’s new rules forcing drivers to take longer breaks and cut back on hours behind the wheel, Spoon thinks the government has created a solution looking for a problem.
ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) – The nation’s first statewide ban on the sale of crib bumper pads is taking effect in Maryland. The ban begins Friday. Health officials say crib bumper pads offer no meaningful benefit and pose potentially serious risks to infants, including suffocation.
TRENTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – License, registration and your cell phone. Police in New Jersey may soon be allowed to search your cellphone after an accident…A bill proposed Monday in the New Jersey State Senate would require drivers involved in an accident to hand over their phones – no warrant necessary.
EDMONDS, Wash. — A number of Edmonds school kids were recently suspended for having Nerf guns at school…That’s not surprising considering the school’s “zero tolerance” policy on toy guns, but what is surprising is that the teacher allegedly told the kids it was okay to have the guns.